Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Mild - Spicy upon request
Please inform your server of any food allergen, intolerance, or dietary preference.



Chilled Lychee served over Ice                                  $4.25


Chilled Longan served over Ice                                  $4.25


Coconut Ice Cream                                               $5.95

3 scoops of our delicious home made creamy coconut ice cream.                                 


Sweet Rice with  Custard                                    $6.25

Coconut-egg custard served over our  sweet purple rice.


Sweet Rice with Mango                                       $6.95

Sliced mango served over our special sweet purple rice.


Sweet Rice with Coconut Ice Cream $6.95

3 scoops of our home made coconut ice cream served over our sweet purple rice.


Desserts & Sides


Rice           Bowl $1.95       Pot $3.25

Side Fried Rice                                       $4.95

Sticky Rice                                              $2.95

Beef Jerky                                               $3.95

Shrimp Chips       Sm. $1.00                 Lrg. $5.00

Peanut Sauce       Sm. $.50                 Lrg. $2.50

Rice Soup (Lunch only if available)            20oz $3.95               32oz $5.95