Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Noodles & Fried Rice

Mild - Spicy upon request
Please inform your server of any food allergen, intolerance, or dietary preference.
Menu items are subject


17. Pad Thai     

           Chicken // Beef // Pork    $14.95                        Combo // Shrimp                  $16.95

Stir fried rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, carrots, green onions and your choice of protein. Served with roasted peanuts and lime.

18. Chow Mein

           Chicken // Beef // Pork    $14.95                                         Combo // Shrimp    $16.95

Stir fried soft yakisoba noodles, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, green onions, carrots, water chestnuts, baby corn, bamboo, snow peas and your choice of protein.

19. Spicy Noodles

           Chicken // Beef // Pork   $14.95                                 Combo // Shrimp   $16.95

Stir fried wide rice noodles with basil leaves, green & red bell peppers, green onions, yellow onions and your choice of protein.

20. Pho (Noodle Soup)

Your choice of beef, duck, or seafood with rice noodles in our delicious, aromatic beef broth made of special herbs and spices. Served with bean sprouts, lettuce, Thai basil leaves, lime, and a spice//seasoning rack to make it to your tasting.

Beef (Meatballs & tender slices of beef) $12.95

Duck (Sliced duck) $15.95

Seafood (Crab legs, mussels & shrimp) $18.95

21. Lad Nah

Stir fried wide rice noodles, eggs, carrots, and your choice of Chinese or regular broccoli and protein in a brown bean gravy.

Chicken // Beef // Pork // Tofu $16.95

Seafood $20.95

22. Padsaew

Chicken // Beef // Pork   $14.95               Combo // Shrimp  $16.95

Stir fried wide rice noodles, eggs, broccoli, bean sprouts, onions and your choice of protein in a sweet soy sauce.
Drunken Noodles

        Chicken // Beef // Pork // Tofu   $15.95                                 Combo // Shrimp    $17.95

Stir fried wide rice noodles, your choice of protein, broccoli, bean sprouts, water chestnut, snow peas, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, basil leaves, onions, cabbage, celery, bamboo and baby corn.


Bangkok Thai Curry Pasta                

           Chicken // Beef // Pork                  $16.95      

             Combo // Shrimp                 $18.95

Your choice of protein and noodles (wide noodles // Pho noodles) in one of our delicious and rich curries of your choosing (Red // Green // Yelllow). See Curry for description of curries.


 Birds Nest

Chicken // Beef // Pork          $16.95      Combo // Shrimp               $18.95

Stir fried vegetables and your choice of protein in a light brown gravy served over crispy pan fried noodles in a shape of a birds nest.





Fried Rice

23. Pineapple Fried Rice                                        $16.95

Stir fried chicken, shrimp, eggs, pineapple, carrots, onions and cashews in seasoned jasmine rice.


24. Fried Rice        

                   Chicken // Beef // Pork      $12.95                                    Combo // Shrimp        $14.95

Stir fried eggs, peas, carrots, onions and jasmine rice.


25. Spicy Fried Rice

              Chicken // Beef // Pork         $14.95                                   Combo // Shrimp        $16.95

Stir fried bell peppers, onions, basil leaves and jasmine rice.


 Yellow Curry Fried Rice   

     Chicken // Beef // Pork      $14.95             Combo // Shrimp        $16.95

Stir fried rice with your choice of protein, onion, pineapple, carrots and cashews in a yellow curry powder.